Key Carpet Cleaning Misconceptions You Shouldn't Believe

When your carpet is dirty, it is advisable to bring it to a professional carpet cleaning expert. These professionals will deep clean the carpet to get rid of allergens, dirt, dust, stain, and any other elements and restore them to their original appearance. However, some people are reluctant to clean their carpets due to certain misconceptions. This post will debunk some of these myths to ensure your mind is at ease.

Carpets Should Only Be Cleaned When They Appear Dirty 

Sometimes, carpets may appear clean to your eyes, but that doesn't mean they don't need to be cleaned. The chances are that they are hiding millions of dust mites, dirt, and other contaminants deep in the fibers. 

Even if you vacuum each day, it will be impossible to remove the pollutants or creatures in the fibers. In return, they'll contaminate indoor air and cause allergy issues. Sometimes they may leave a musty smell. If you notice these issues, consider cleaning the carpet even if it doesn't look dirty.

Cleaning the Carpet Often Wears It Out or Damages It

This myth has caused many people to avoid carpet cleaning because they don't want their carpets to get damaged or wear out quickly. But this isn't the reality. Carpet cleaning helps to remove contaminants, grit, and ungrained soils that get lodged into the fibers and cause them to wear out fast. So, when you remove these elements regularly, the probability of damaging the fibers will reduce, prolonging the carpet's life.

All Carpet Cleaning Procedures Are the Same

If you haven't seen pros clean carpets or you are researching carpet cleaning for the first time, you may assume that the procedures experts use to clean carpets are the same. But this isn't true. Carpet cleaners use various techniques to clean carpets depending on certain factors and the customer's needs. 

Dry carpet cleaning is a technique that's used for light maintenance cleaning. Other methods include hot water extraction, steam cleaning, and encapsulation cleaning. If you don't know the pros and cons of each technique, you can always ask your carpet cleaning professionals to share more information to make an informed decision.

One Can Use Household Cleaners for Carpet Cleaning

If you are accustomed to using household cleaners to maintain sanitation throughout your home, it's easy to assume that you can clean the carpet with the same products. Using bleach to remove stains will damage the rug, and can harm people and pets. 

Vinegar may work on most surfaces but it's not suitable for a carpet. So, rather than using household cleaners, invest in professional cleaning products recommended for carpet cleaning. Assigning the cleaning work to professionals will save you from the hassle because they have the right equipment and products.

To find out more, contact carpet cleaning services. 

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