Get Rid Of These 4 Stains With Carpet Pressure Washing

Have you tried washing those stubborn stains from your carpet, but no matter how often you vacuum or scrub, they don't seem to go away? Try carpet pressure washing. When you have a challenging and demanding cleaning job ahead, carpet pressure washing is a fast and effective solution for you. Here are four stains you can get rid of by carpet pressure washing. 

Stuck Chewing Gum

If you have young ones around the house, you might have dealt with chewing gum on the bedpost or under the chair and table. Unfortunately, chewing gum is among the hardest things to remove from a surface, especially a carpet with numerous fibers.

Carpet pressure washing effectively removes chewing gum stains even if it has hardened on the surface or been walked over. You can use hot water, which melts the gum and removes it quickly. The high pressure also works on the surface to get rid of the gum.


Painting your home is a great way to beautify your space and personalize it when passing the time. However, if you undertake a DIY painting project, there is a likelihood some of the paint will spill or splatter on your rug.

Pressure washing is an easy and sure way to remove the paint from your carpet without causing any damage. The pressure is adjustable and can target specific sections for the best cleaning results.


When you don't wipe liquid spills as soon as they happen, they leave your carpet moist, creating a suitable habitat for mold to grow. Besides an irritating smell that activates your allergies, mold poses severe health problems.

Carpet pressure washing efficiently removes mold from your rugs, leaving your home smelling fresh. It also improves the quality of air flowing around your home and removes the stains that mold might leave behind.

General Stains

A lot of general stains can get on and stick to your carpet. It could be dirt, drinks, pet urine, and other stains. If regular carpet cleaning doesn't get rid of these stains, carpet pressure washing can. You need the right detergents to serve as a stain remover, and use the power washer to get rid of these stains. If the stains have been on for a long time, pretreat your rug with the cleaning solution before pressure washing.

Keep your carpet free of stains and looking sparkling clean by seeking carpet pressure washing from professionals. Not only is it effective, but it also takes less time than other cleaning methods.

Contact a local carpet cleaning service to learn more.

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