2 Overlooked Office Germs Hotspots That Office Cleaning Janitorial Services Handle

Keeping a clean and tidy office is critical to impress customers and visitors. But ensuring a germ-free workspace is the key to a healthy and productive environment. Unfortunately, while your office may look sparkling clean, thanks to the daily cleaning routine by your in-house team, that doesn't make it germ-proof.

Find below two overlooked office germs hotspots that professional janitorial services address.

1. Office Phone

Telephones are among the dirtiest components of an office. Some research has even established that office telephones are filthier than office toilets. When the phone rings, anyone closeby grabs to answer it with bare hands. The next time it rings, someone else gets it and transfers germs from their hands to the phone.

Imagine if five people pick up the telephone a day before washing their hands. They bring germs and bacteria from other surfaces to this appliance, putting workers at risk of diseases.

The more buttons a phone has, the more the surface area for germs build-up. Users are advised to clean their hands with sanitizing wipes before picking up the phone to keep it clean. They should then use cotton pads dipped in alcohol-based disinfectant to swab the mouthpiece, buttons, and down the body and receiver.

Most importantly, let commercial janitorial services come in once in a while for deep cleaning. The experts should know the best cleaning products and are skilled in getting rid of bacteria completely.

2. Door Handles

From the entryways to the refrigerator doors, doorknobs are among the most commonly touched surfaces in an office. This development makes door handles prone to a higher number of bacteria. In addition, employers may ignore or forget to wash their hands after visiting the bathroom, increasing the risk of transferring infections such as norovirus to the door handles.

However, it's nearly impossible to disinfect door handles after each use. But you can encourage workers to employ other terms avoidance methods such as using paper towels to hold the door and disposing of them after use. Advise workers to observe hygiene and ensure every spot in the workplace is sparkling clean and germs-free. You can achieve this with the help of commercial janitorial services.

Most workers are too focused on their work to commit to the mentioned hygiene provisions. Hiring expert cleaners allows employees to concentrate on their work with peace of mind knowing that all surfaces are clean and bacteria-free. Commercial janitorial services specialists know which areas to pay more attention to when cleaning to ensure a comfortable and healthy working space. 

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