Three Signs You Need Residential Water Damage Restoration Following A Garage Flood

If your garage and only your garage gets flooded, this can be a lucky situation, considering it could have been your whole house or more costly in damages. As it stands, your garage is likely the least-finished part of your home outside an unfinished basement.

Even though a garage can take some water damage, you shouldn't ignore the need for residential water damage restoration. Here are three signs you need residential water damage restoration following a garage flood.

Your garage doors don't close

If your garage doors leading to your home or exiting your garage don't close following a flood, then there may be a big issue on your hands. The doors themselves might be damaged, causing them to swell and warp. Or, the frames the doors fit into, or the hardware rolling garage doors fit into, may be damaged, causing doors to close improperly.

Whatever is causing your doors to no longer work right in your garage following a flood, the answer is clear: you need residential water damage restoration services to assess the damage and make repairs as needed. This may include replacing damaged doors.

Your garage smells musty or moldy

After properly ventilating and cleaning out your flooded garage, it shouldn't be long before your garage is back to normal again and smelling like its oily, garage self. However, if your garage smells musty, damp, or moldy — kind of like mud or a wet washcloth — then the area is most likely still damp. This isn't good, because a damp room is a mold and mildew-filled room, especially if the space is warm and cozy for mold to thrive.

Since the garage is not the most-used space in the home, the mold and mildew growth can continue for some time before it's noticed. Do your part to make your garage clean and free of mold by having a residential water damage restoration company treat the area.

Your garage floor is damaged

Even a cement, unfinished garage floor can show signs of water damage following a flood, especially if the water was allowed to stand and be stagnant for days at a time before eventually flushing away. The waters that your garage floor can contain are often filled with chemicals and oils from sitting cars and other stored items, which can damage floors and lead to other damages and toxic exposures as well.

Having your garage treated by a water damage restoration specialist can help restore your garage floor and safely eliminate the contaminated waters in your garage as well. Get a quote for cleanup from your local residential water damage restoration crew.

For more information on water damage restoration, contact a company near you.

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