Act Fast With These Tips If You Find Mold In Your Home Or Business

Suddenly discovering mold in your home or business is an alarming situation that should be treated with care. You'll want to move fast to attempt to eradicate any mold you find before it can spread and cause an even bigger problem. But you'll also have to use caution with any steps you take in order to protect yourself or others in the home or building. To that end, here are some tips to keep in mind when you first discover mold within your house, office, or other structure.

Protect Your Face and Your Hands and Arms

Before you attempt to clean or remove any mold, you need to make sure you and others are protected from harm. Your face should be covered with a mask to avoid breathing in any spores or fumes. You should also wear gloves and long sleeves to ensure no mold gets onto your skin during the cleaning or removal process. For best results, open a window or put down a fan in the area if you can in order to ensure proper airflow and ventilation.

Scrub the Area With Detergent and Water or Try Other Household Products

If you want to try and remove the mold yourself, the most common household solution you might be able to throw together would be a bit of laundry detergent mixed with water. You could alternatively reach for the baking soda or use a vinegar mix. You want to scrub the mold away and then allow the area to completely dry before you inspect it again to make sure all of the mold is gone.

Some Materials May Need to Be Tossed Instead of Cleaned

There are certain materials that are better at absorbing things and this could allow the mold to get deep down into the material. A common example is mold that has gotten into the rug. Chances are the mold is not just at the top of the rug's surface but has penetrated down into the fabric. In this scenario, scrubbing the surface isn't going to be good enough. You will likely have to cut the rug and remove that entire section from the premises.

Consider Professional Help to Make Sure You Remove Every Last Bit of Mold

For best results when it comes to mold removal, you should strongly consider contacting a local professional. They will already have the safety gear needed to get the job done and a dedicated pro will also be able to ensure that every last speck of mold is removed and that the rest of the premises are completely mold-free. Contact a local mold removal service as soon as you notice mold growth.

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