Times When Professional Carpet Cleaning Really Is Worth It

Can you get by with an at-home carpet cleaning machine instead of always hiring a carpet cleaning service? In many cases, you can. However, professional carpet cleaning services are known to do a better, more thorough job than at-home carpet shampooers. As such, there are some times in life when it really is worth paying a bit more for professional service.

Before Moving Out

Most leases require that the tenant leave the apartment clean. This includes the carpet. Some leases even specifically state that the carpet must be cleaned before move-out. This is a situation in which you really want to hire a professional carpet cleaning company. If you were to shampoo the carpet yourself with less than perfect results, your landlord might opt to keep part of your security deposit, which would cost you more in the long run than simply hiring a pro to clean the carpets.

Some carpet cleaning companies offer discounts if the home they're working on is empty, so ask about this. You may want to schedule your carpet cleaning service after you've packed the moving truck.

When You Have Pets

Pets can make a carpet pretty dirty pretty quickly. Of course, they shed and leave their hair on the carpet, but they also leave dander and skin oils in the carpet, and these are far less visible. At-home carpet shampooers do not always heat the water enough or use enough suction to effectively remove these substances from the carpet. So, when you have pets, you really want to hire a professional carpet cleaner. Many carpet cleaners offer a specialized "pet service" that uses special, pet-safe detergents that are even better at removing pet dander and odors.

When Someone Has Allergies

If you have someone in your home with allergies, then it's worth investing in professional carpet cleaning. The high-powered shampooers that professionals use are better at extracting tiny particles and allergens from deeper within the carpet. Also, carpets are less likely to grow mold when they are professionally cleaned since professional equipment sucks out more of the water. This is an advantage since many allergy sufferers are really sensitive to mold spores.

At-home carpet shampooers can come in handy, but they have not made professional carpet cleaning companies obsolete. Make sure that you hire professionals if you have an allergy sufferer in your home, if you have pets, or if you're moving. Reach out to local carpet cleaning professionals today.

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