Any Season Is A Good Time For Carpet Cleaning

Regular carpet cleaning is essential for the proper care of your carpet fibers and to keep your home clean and smelling fresh. You should clean your carpets at the frequency recommended by the carpet manufacturer at a minimum. You may even need to clean them more often than that if you have a busy household or you like to entertain often. Here's a look at the best time of the year to schedule carpet cleaning based on your lifestyle.

Spring Is A Good Time When You're Deep Cleaning

If you have a habit of deep cleaning your home every spring when spring cleaning time rolls around, then that's a good time to have your carpets professionally cleaned. You can remove dust, dander, and pollen that was stirred up when you cleaned your home. Plus, if the weather is warm and dry, you might open the windows so the carpet dries out faster.

Fall Gets You Ready For Holiday Guests

Autumn is also a good time to have annual carpet cleaning done. Then your home will be ready for the upcoming holidays filled with parties, guests, and family visiting from out of town. Autumn cleaning gets your floors in order after a long summer of tracking in dirt, grass clippings, and pollen from outdoors.

Winter Starts The New Year With A Clean Home

Winter is also a good time for carpet cleaning because you'll be able to clean the carpet after all the foot traffic from the holidays. Plus, your home will be cleaner and smell fresher for the long winter days and nights you have to spend indoors.

Summer Heat Helps Carpets Dry Fast

Summer is often a busy time for families, so it may not be the perfect season to have carpet cleaning done. However, if your carpets are dirty, you should have them cleaned rather than put it off until a more convenient time, or the stains might set in. Since the weather is hot in the summer, your carpets might dry faster as long as the humidity is low. If you don't want to open your windows, your carpet may still dry out fast if your air conditioner is running since the AC pulls moisture and humidity from your home.

The perfect season for carpet cleaning depends on your schedule and lifestyle. When your life is hectic, the last thing you want is to move your furniture and have your home disrupted while your carpet is cleaned and dried. Consider when you want your home to look its best and schedule cleaning before the event or season arrives. Whether you need carpet cleaning done once or twice a year, you'll appreciate the results when your carpet looks refreshed and makes your home look like it is well kept.

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