How To Cut Cleaning Costs For Your Business

Owning a business with office space has a lot of expenses that come with it. There are labor costs, building costs, and operational costs. One thing that is important to not neglect is the cleaning of your office space. Germs are spread incredibly fast, especially in close quarters. Before you assume that a commercial cleaning company is out of your price range, here are five ways you can cut the costs.

Know Exact Footage

The best way to save money when it comes to hiring a commercial company is to know the exact amount of footage you need to have cleaned. Quotes are almost always made based on the square footage, and some will even have rates for preset footage. However, make sure you eliminate areas that you will not need cleaning. This includes the storage rooms or cleaning closets. The simplest way to do this is to measure the areas you do want to be cleaned, and only include that in your conversations with the cleaning companies.

Negotiate Cleaning Supplies

Cleaning supplies are another area where costs can add up quickly. Many companies require the use of their own cleaning products when they come to detail your office. However, paper towels, trash bags, toilet paper, and other cleaning supplies can be negotiated. When you work on the quotes for the job, find out what supplies you can provide to reduce the overall costs.

Minimize the Cleaning Needs

Just because a commercial cleaning company can clean everything does not mean they have to do it every night. When you are interviewing businesses, consider negotiating a cleaning schedule to help reduce costs. In addition, look at reducing the amount of work they need to do. This may include having your staff change trash and do light cleaning in the evening while having the commercial company come to deep clean once a week. 

Be Specific

Finally, when you are hiring a company to handle your cleaning needs, make sure you are specific about what work you require. If you only want the floors cleaned, make it clear. Most cleaning companies offer a variety of services, so you can pick a plan that best fits your needs.

When it comes to cleaning, you need to make sure it is done well. Disinfecting prevents workers from becoming ill and missing work. Also, a clean work environment boosts the overall morale of your employees. Taking quotes from multiple companies is one way to make sure that you are not overcharged, but these steps will help cut costs further.

For more information about commercial janitorial services, contact a local company.

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