How Janitors Help Schools

A janitor plays an extremely important role when it comes to keeping schools looking clean and being clean. While you may have a general idea of what a janitor does in a school setting, you might not know nearly all of the things they do. Here are some of the various ways that janitors help to make schools better places for children and school staff: 

1. Clean the Floors

All of the floors will be cleaned regularly. This includes sweeping, mopping, and vacuuming. When the hard floors need to be buffed, they will take care of this as well. Cleaning the floors removes allergens to prevent issues like allergy flare-ups and asthma attacks. 

2. Clean the Desks

Cleaning the desks is very important. Even when there isn't a pandemic, having the desks cleaned regularly is important. Children aren't usually very good about keeping their hands clean and even when they wash their hands, it's often done haphazardly. So, cleaning all the desks will remove germs and bacteria that may otherwise spread from one child to many, leading to a lot of illnesses. Plus cleaning the desks will remove dirt, sticky food stains, and anything else that got on the desks during the school day. 

3. Wash the Windows

Another thing that can get dirty in schools is the windows. This happens because kids regularly touch the windows with their dirty hands. When the janitor keeps up with the cleaning of the windows they will continue to offer everyone a nice view of the outside world. 

4. Clean the Bathrooms

School bathrooms will quickly become disaster zones and this includes the bathrooms in schools of any grades. Kids like to make spitballs and shoot them all over the bathroom. They tend to miss the wastebaskets, they sometimes like to have water fights, and they can make any number of other kinds of messes. The bathrooms need to be cleaned regularly and this is just what the janitor will do. 

5. Take Out the Trash

The trash cans in schools can fill quickly. The janitor will take out the trash and this includes the trash in the classrooms, the bathrooms, the cafeterias, and everywhere else in the school where there are trash cans. 

6. Clean Other Surfaces

The janitor will also clean the other surfaces like lunchroom tables and handrails to make them look clean and to remove those germs and bacteria that can make someone sick. 

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