What To Know About A Mold Inspection

While cleaning around the tile in your shower, you may notice a little bit of mold growing. When there is moisture that sits in one spot for a long time, it's easy for mold to start to grow. The easy thing about finding mold in a spot like your shower is that you can wipe it up so that it's not a problem. However, if you have noticed black spots on your ceiling or if you are buying an old house that you're worried has mold, it may be time for a professional mold inspection. 

The first step in any sort of mold remediation is a mold inspection. Typically, a professional will come over to your house and closely inspect the ceiling, crawl spaces, the exterior of your house, under sinks, and virtually anywhere else that mold is common. During the inspection, they are looking for several things including water damage, severe water leaks, and -- you guessed it -- mold. 

If they do find mold, they may want to do some testing on it to see just how dangerous it is. Because there are hundreds of thousands of different kinds of mold out there, it can be hard to detect unless you do some serious testing. During the testing process, they will take samples of the mold and they will do tests to measure how much humidity is in that part of your house. Whether the mold is black mold and a little toxic, or it's just typical household mold, you will still want to have it cleaned up and taken care of right away. 

During the actual mold remediation process, your mold company may do a variety of different things to kill the mold, including spray the mold with a solution and scrape it off of the walls. Once all of the existing mold has been taken care of, they will then help come up with a solution to prevent the mold from coming back in the future. For instance, if there is a leak in your roof or somewhere in your house, they will help you patch it up or will put you in touch with someone who can do it for you. By getting to the root of the problem now, you can prevent more mold from taking over your house in the future. 

If you want to learn a little bit more, reach out to a mold inspection and remediation company today. 

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