Are You Paying Extra Attention To Your Windows As You Clean Your House?

Do you clean your house pretty thoroughly at least once a week? Maybe you have been negligent about window cleaning. After all, that can be a pretty big job that often even involves moving furniture. If you're looking for a window cleaning plan, here are some ideas that might help you.

Window Cleaning As A Family - If you have other family members who will help you clean the windows of your house, count yourself truly lucky. That just means that one person can clean the windows on the inside of the house while another person is doing the job on the outside of the house. If you decide to work as teams, think of how smart it would be for one of you to clean in a side-to-side movement while the other cleans in an up-and-down way. When you finish each window, you'll be able to see which side needs extra attention because of the angle of the streaks.

Also, if you are working as teams, be sure to have two different spray bottles and plenty of rags and window cleaning paper so that you won't have to go back and forth getting cleaning materials. Have you ever made your own window cleaning solution? Try mixing equal parts of vinegar and tap water together, and then add a smaller amount of alcohol. If windows are super grimy, you might want to add some liquid dish detergent. If you do that, just rinse the windows off with vinegar. Presto! Your windows will shine!

Professional Window Cleaning - Save yourself a trip to the emergency room by getting professionals to clean hard-to-reach or huge windows. When the window cleaners come to your house, you'll probably be amazed at the extremely high ladders they manage and that they seem to do it with little effort. You might even want to hire a company that uses cleaning products that are friendly to the environment.

The bonus of having professional window cleaning done is that it will probably be more affordable than you thought it would be. Consider making a schedule for the window cleaners to return to your house. Coordinate the window cleaning with the time that you'll be doing extra house cleaning. For example, if you're having folks over for Thanksgiving, that would probably be a good time to do a huge job that includes paying extra attention to your window cleaning. 

For more information, contact a window cleaning company.

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