2 Reasons To Remove The Water In Your Flooded Basement ASAP

After a severe storm with a tremendous amount of rainfall, you may have discovered that your basement's sump pump did not work, leaving you with a flooded basement. While you may have gotten most of the excess water out of the basement, there may still be some residual moisture that you may believe will simply dry out. However, if you do not get rid of all of the water in your basement, there are a couple of issues that could arise besides any structural damage which may have already occurred.

1.  Mold Starts to Grow Quickly

One major reason why you need to get rid of all of the water and dry out your basement is that the potential for fast mold growth is very high. Along with the moisture on any surfaces in your basement, the high humidity level in the air along with any warmth can lead to a major mold problem very quickly.

Within the first 24 to 48 hours, any mold spores will start to germinate and grow. After they grow, they will quickly produce more spores that not only lead to further growth in your basement, but the spores may also start to spread throughout your home via your ductwork.

Once the mold really takes hold in your basement and home, a professional mold removal service will be needed to get rid of it so that it does not affect your family's health.

2.  Moisture Attracts a Wide Variety of Pests 

Along with the fast-growing mold, your wet basement will also attract other living organisms if you do not take care of the remaining water after a flood. Because all living things need water, a wet basement can become an oasis for a wide variety of pests, which can lead to major infestations. For example, mice and rats may seek out your basement as a ready water source. Then, they will start to scurry around your house in search of food and shelter.

As far as insects, termites will invade the softened wood in your basement, and even bed bugs may enjoy the warmth and humidity in the space. Getting rid of the water in your basement as quickly as possible can help you avoid these scenarios.

Even if you remove the majority of the water in your basement, any moisture still present in the structures or hidden areas can still lead to the above problems. If you've experienced flooding, contact a water removal company like Steam-All Restoration.

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