When To Call A Mold Remediation Service To Tackle The Mold In Your Home

When there's a water leak or flood in your house, there's always the risk of mold growth. Mold spores are everywhere, so all it takes is for spores to land on a place where it's damp and where they have a food source like wood, paper, or fabric, and mold starts to flourish. Mold grows and spreads fast when the temperature conditions are just right. Your mold problem can become serious until you dry out your house and have the mold removed with the help of professional mold remediation. Here's when you should call in professionals to help get rid of mold in your home.

When The Mold Covers A Large Area

You probably encounter mold all the time when you're cleaning your house. Mold and mildew on your shower tile and around your tub can be cleaned with bathroom cleaners since it isn't widespread. Mold poses a more serious danger when it covers a large area. The EPA recommends professional help if the mold covers an area larger than 3 ft. by 3 ft. in size.

If You Can't Find The Mold

Mold isn't always easy to find, but you can tell it's in your home due to a musty and mildew odor. If you've searched your home and can't pinpoint where the moldy odor is coming from, call a professional to help you locate the mold and get rid of it. Mold can grow under flooring and behind walls. You don't want to tear up flooring, carpeting, or drywall just to hunt for mold. A professional can look for mold using a moisture meter, borescope camera, or other tools to narrow down its location.

When Removal Is Beyond Your Capability

Scrubbing mold off of shower tile might take a lot of elbow grease, but at least it's something most anyone can do. When the mold is on porous materials such as flooring and drywall, it can't be scrubbed away. Instead, the porous materials have to be cut out and removed from your home in the proper way. It's usually safer and easier to let professionals handle mold remediation when it involves removing building materials.

If You Have A Mold Allergy

If you know you're allergic to mold, you want to stay as far away from it as you can. Calling in professionals to clean up the mold saves you from exposure and it also ensures mold spores won't be spread throughout your home during the process.

Mold is challenging to remove and the prospect may seem overwhelming if it covers a large area such as your attic. Calling in a professional mold remediation company is the best way to ensure the job is done right and no hidden mold or moisture remain to start the cycle over again.

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