Purchasing A Former Meth House: What You Need To Know

When purchasing a new home, one of the details that you need to consider is the home's history, including whether or not the house was a crime scene. Though a home that used to be the site of a meth lab can be problematic due to the large amounts of residual chemicals, a property where meth was used on the premises is also cause for alarm. If you are contemplating purchasing a home that used to host a meth lab, here are a few things you need to know. 

1. There Are Strict Cleanup Standards

If a proper cleanup process is followed, it is safe to inhabit a former meth home. However, the procedures for correctly cleaning a meth home are stringent and time-consuming. It's best to leave cleanup for a meth home to professional cleanup specialists for a number of reasons.

The "cooking" process for meth emits an assortment of harmful, potentially dangerous chemicals that taint multiple surfaces throughout a home, including carpets, wooden trim, and counters. These chemicals are known to cause health problems if they remain in the home, and they can also make you sick if try to clean them without wearing them appropriate safety gear.

A cleanup specialist knows how to identify the presence of toxic chemicals, the required steps to completely remove the chemicals, and how to properly dispose of the chemicals or soiled items. For example, you should physically destroy any furniture with meth residue so that dumpster divers don't try to salvage it. 

2. Cleanup for a Former Meth Lab Can Be Pricey

The cost to properly clean a former meth home can be tens of thousands of dollars depending on the contamination level inside the home. A crime scene cleanup specialist can test different portions of the home to determine which areas are contaminated and the severity of the contamination. Homes that are severely contaminated may need to have porous materials (like carpet and wood paneling) removed and replaced. 

It is best to order an inspection for meth residue from a cleanup specialist before you close on a home. This will give you a better idea regarding the cost of the required repairs and cleanup. 

3. You Need to Complete Any Necessary Cleanup Before Other Repairs

If your home has any meth contamination, you need have the house cleaned before completing any other repairs or improvements; this even includes tasks like bringing in new furniture or replacing the drapes. Even if you place the items in a non-contaminated area, it's possible for the residue to travel through the home's vents or heating system and contaminate items far away from the initial contamination scene. 

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