3 Times When It's Best To Hire A Janitorial Service For Your Retail Store

A lot of business owners see janitorial services as a contracted service that comes in to help for the long-term. However, janitorial services can also work out well on an intermittent basis as well, especially in certain types of business settings. Retail stores commonly handle cleaning tasks on their own or have certain janitorial tasks designated to specific employees. However, there are certain points in retail environments when hiring a third-party janitorial service for some short-term extra cleaning help is a logical decision. Here is a look at a few times when it is a good idea to bring in the aid of professional janitors to help out in your store. 

1. During Peak Sales Seasons

Through the holidays and other peak seasons for your store, employees have a lot to deal with from customers and making sure everyone that pays a visit gets what they need. Peak sales seasons can involve a lot more messy situations as well, such as spills in frequented aisles and bathroom catastrophes that demand immediate cleaning attention. Having a janitorial service in the store during these times will allow you to keep the store as clean as possible without having to take your employees away from customers. 

2. During and After a Major Store Remodel 

Store remodeling projects involve a lot of light construction work, such as installing new flooring, painting the walls, and replacing old signage throughout the store. When all the work is done, you can be left with quite the mess to contend with. To retain employee focus on serving the customer during the store changes and once the work is completed, it is best if you bring in some outside help from a janitorial service. The pros take care of all the extra cleaning processes, whether it is scrubbing paint splatters from the floor, wiping down shelves, or taking out the excess trash that accumulates.  

3. Before a Grand Opening Event

Grand openings are extremely important to get your business off to the right start in the eyes of consumers. Therefore, making sure the store looks as shiny and new as possible is an important part of the process. Hire a janitorial service once you have shelves set up and filled with merchandise and fixtures installed. The service will go through the building with their professional cleaning skills and make sure every last surface is cleaned perfectly, from the floors to the windows and everything in between. 

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