Are You Starting Your Own Janitorial Service Company?

Have you worked as a janitor before? Perhaps you earned extra money while you were in college, or even in high school, by cleaning the school buildings. Or, it might be that you worked for a janitorial service that cleaned business offices after closing hours. That might have led you to say to yourself that this is something you can do because you enjoy cleaning, making money, and being in charge. Maybe you should start your own commercial janitorial service. If you're serious about starting your own cleaning company, here are some ideas that might help you to grow a successful business.

How Will I Put Out The Word? - As you spread the word that you are working as a commercial janitor, think of things that will connect you to what you actually do. For example, perhaps you have had business cards printed with the name of your business and the other pertinent information that potential customers will need in order to contact you. However, take things a bit farther. For example, think of attaching an inexpensive feather duster or a brand new dust cloth to the business cards you'll be passing out. Another idea is to pass out empty little plastic spray bottles with a business card or with a brochure you have ordered to pass along. Attach a message to the spray bottle that says something like, "This bottle might be empty, but it holds the promise of an excellent cleaning job".

Go The Extra Mile - Once you have gotten customers, of course, you'll want to live up to your promise of doing an outstanding cleaning job at each of the places you clean. Think of making a detailed list of the things you will be accomplishing whilst at each place of business. Have the list printed on paper that has your business name and logo on it. As you accomplish each chore, make a check next to it so that those whose places you'll be cleaning will see the extent you have gone to to make things look extra nice. For example, you might note "clean every single picture frame". When you have done that job, check it off, preferably with a bright color of ink, maybe turquoise or red, or other colors that will stand out. 

Pretty often, think of leaving a hand-written note that expresses appreciation for getting to clean your client's place of business.

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