If You Have A Family Member With Allergies, You Need To Know This Carpet Care And Cleaning Advice

Is there someone in your home who suffers from allergies? If so and you have carpet, you have likely attributed their allergies to the carpet. This is a mistake that many property owners make. The following information will give you a better understanding of how you can ensure that your carpet is not highly contaminated with allergens. 

Allergens can be tracked indoors via the soles of shoes.

If you allow your family and guests to walk on your carpet, chances are that they are tracking allergens into your home. Keep in mind that it is possible to have outdoor allergens transferred on your carpet, which can aggravate allergies even if it is not a common time of year for your loved one to have allergic responses. For example, some people have seasonal allergic responses to pollen, but those same individuals might also have allergy issues apparent year-round if allergens like pollen were transferred onto the carpet in their homes. 

Carpet that "looks clean" might harbor mold spores or other respiratory irritants.

Some people make the mistake of thinking that carpet has to look dirty for it to be a potential source of an allergic reaction. Think about the different substances that carpet comes into contact with. Also, consider that some people attempt to clean their own carpet and neglect to properly dry it. This type of scenario can create the perfect opportunity for other allergens such as mildew and mold to contaminate carpet and cause allergic responses. 

Your lifestyle habits might result in you needing more frequent carpet cleanings. 

If your family has a busy lifestyle, you are likely bringing a variety of contaminants into your home. Examples of problematic substances are bacteria, dirt, viruses, or even smoke byproducts. Perhaps you allow smoking in your home. Even if it is reserved to one room or area, the smoke can contaminate the carpet and impact the air quality in your home to the extent that it could cause issues for family members with allergy issues. 

Doormats and shoe removal at doorways can minimize allergens present in your home. 

There are effective ways to minimize the amount of allergens that are tracked into your home. Consider having a rule in place for family members and visitors to clean their shoes on doormats prior to entering your home. You could also benefit by having a "no shoe" policy on your precious carpet. This means that family members and guests would agree not to wear shoes in your home. If you combine these tactics with routine professional carpet cleaning, you can keep allergens at bay and protect your family. 

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