Ways To Evaluate Your House Cleaner After The First Visit

When you're looking to hire a house cleaner, you'll likely get recommendations from friends and might even talk to reps from a few companies before you make your decision. These steps can be important, but the true evaluation process begins once the cleaner has arrived at your home for the first time. After the cleaner has done his or her job, you can do a little investigating to make sure that the cleaner's work meets your expectations. Seeing positive signs in the following areas means that you've picked the right cleaner to keep your home looking pristine.

Behind The Fridge

When you're cleaning your own home, taking care of business behind the fridge might be something that you seldom tend to — but this task should be part of the job for your cleaning service. Take a minute to pull the fridge away from the wall and check the appearance of the rear of the appliance. Ideally, you'll see that the coils are free of hair and dust. Additionally, you should also see that the floor beneath the fridge is free of hair, dust, and small pieces of food that might have rolled out of sight.

Under The Bed

It can be difficult to vacuum under the beds in your home, which might prompt you to skip this area when you're doing your own cleaning. Cleaning professionals shouldn't skip this area, though, so grab a flashlight and crouch down to check the condition of the floor in this area. If you have a non-carpeted floor, you should be able to clearly see that the area has been vacuumed, as there won't be any dust, hair, or fluff from your clothes or bedding. If the floor in the room is carpeted, you should be able to run your fingers along the top of the carpet in a pinching motion. If the cleaner has vacuumed, you shouldn't have anything between your fingers.

Behind Doors

A conscientious house cleaner will always take the extra time to clean behind the doors of your home. Dust and hair can often accumulate in these areas and avoid being picked up by the vacuum unless the door is actually moved to provide access. Your house cleaner, upon entering each room with the vacuum, should be taking the time to clean behind the doors. Walking through your home and swinging the doors to check behind them should reveal that your professional cleaner is tending to these important areas.

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