To Protect And Serve: 5 Mostly DIY Tips For Keeping Carpet Cleaner

Although there's much to be said about a company that will show up at your door, cleaning tools in hand, and spiff your carpets until they look, feel, and smell amazing, this may not be something you want to have done every week. To keep your carpets in the best possible shape, keep the following advice in mine:

1. Know The Materials You're Dealing With

Certain fibers are better at resisting stains to begin with, while others require the special attention of solutions to stay fresh and clean. No matter what you're working with, it's important to know all the facts and how to proceed with effective cleaning caution. Read the labels on your flooring if possible or look the information up on the manufacturer's website. If you're not sure and don't want to risk any damage, go ahead and call the cleaning professionals who can offer you the best advice possible.

2. Attack Stains With Ferocity - Immediately

Stains are a beautiful carpet's worst nightmare and if you're not quick about it, they can easily become permanent. No matter what the substance, though, you always have a trick up your sleeve:

  • Simple Water-Soluble Substances: Use a spot of your normal, non-bleach laundry cleaner mixed with water.
  • Tough Water-Soluble Situations: Add a small amount of ammonia to water (1 tbsp, 1 cup, respectively) and gently blot, unless the carpet is wool, in which case you need to use a mild dish or laundry detergent (diluted with water).
  • Oil-Based Spills: Place a clean, but disposable cloth over the spill and iron on low heat; once warm enough, the oil should stick to the cloth.
  • General Care With Every Spill: Begin blotting ASAP, working your way from outside to in; rinse with cold water and repeat as needed, without ever scrubbing or rubbing the spill.
  • Unknown Stain? If your child, pet or an unknown culprit has left a mystery stain on your gorgeous carpet and you can't identify it, that's a quick occasion where professional intervention may be needed. Call a pro for advice or to schedule an in-home examination of the stain.

3. Use Throw Rugs To Protect Busy Areas Of Carpeting

Wherever people and pets are constantly coming and going on your carpets, put down a color-coordinated, durable throw rug to pick up the wear and tear on its own. This will prevent the main carpet areas from becoming worn out, discolored or frayed.

4. Make Sure You Match The Right Vacuum Cleaner With The Right Carpet

A little hand-held vac may be easier to use on carpeted steps, but it lacks the deep-cleaning needed to resolve all the dirt embedded, especially with shoes constantly grinding up and down. A shag rug, too, requires more suction power than an ordinary lightweight vacuum, or else it's going to collect dirt, grime and smelly stuff you'll have a hard time getting out later. Understand the type of carpet you're cleaning and which tools and solutions are going to do the best job.

5. Call The Pros Every Six Months Or So

Even if you manage to keep your carpeting in pristine condition, there are still things like dust and germs (even the Norovirus!) settling deep within the carpet fibers that require serious professional cleaning. Such things can cause sneezing and other, even more serious allergic reactions, and it's good to know your floors are as clean as they can be if you have any kids crawling around on them. Calling in a professional, such as those at A+ Cleaning Service, may mean extending the life of your carpeting, too, and nearly anyone can benefit from that.

While there's nothing like the look, feel and smell of freshly professionally cleaned carpets, you still want to do everything you can to protect and preserve the beautiful carpets in your home. Since nobody's perfect, though, it's always a good idea to have the contact info of a reliable pro on hand for when you need it.

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