Time For Carpet Cleaning? 4 Ways To Prepare Your Home

Carpets are the most noticeable and most used surface in the house, and having your carpets cleaned gives the entire house a fresh look. Over time, even the most impeccable housekeeper cannot keep dirt from building up as family members walk across the carpet each day, and special events can lead to things such as wine spills that leave unsightly stains. Before a carpet cleaning service like Hydra Maxx Carpet Cleaning, Inc. arrives, use these tips to prepare your home so that the technician can focus solely on cleaning.

Clear the Clutter

When your carpet cleaner arrives, they will bring with them equipment that is designed for deep cleaning that reaches every fiber in your carpet. This equipment usually involves cords and hoses that can become hung up on clutter around your house. Removing kids toys, shoes and other household objects also allows your cleaner to get right to work. As you clear the clutter, remember to move your furniture as well so that every surface of your carpet can be cleaned.

Give Them Fair Warning

Carpet cleaning services are designed to deal with the worst messes possible, so don't worry if your floors look like they've been trampled on by muddy elephants. However, it's always a good idea to give your cleaning service a heads up if you think your carpets require special care. This will allow them to plan for plenty of time to get your flooring looking pristine.

Plan For Your Pets

Your dog or cat may be friendly with everyone, yet the cleaning equipment is sometimes loud enough to scare even the most easygoing pet. Plan to place your pet in a non-carpeted area that is as far away from the activity as possible. This will also ensure that your pet doesn't escape if the technician leaves the door open to access their cleaning equipment.

Learn Proper Carpet Care

Once your carpet is cleaned, it is best to keep it that way. Encourage your family to remove their shoes at the front door, and clean up minor spills quickly. This way, you can enjoy the fresh feeling of clean carpet for longer.

Scheduling a carpet cleaning is a great way to spruce up your home since the flooring makes up a huge part of a home's visual appeal. By making a few simple preparations before your service arrives, you can get the most out of your cleaning so that you are happy with the finished results.

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