Short on Time? 4 Household Chores You Can Outsource to Increase Productivity

There was once a time when people were very excited about how a washing machine would give them more time to enjoy life. Now, however, menial tasks are still cluttering up your schedule and making it harder to focus on your priorities. Fortunately, you can knock out many of the items on your household to-do list so that you can rapidly move up the ladder at work by increasing your productivity.

Stop Sorting and Reading Emails

Email has become a huge time sink that requires you to sort through the junk to find out what is actually important. Even your important emails often require little more than a simple response, but the time you spend on emails all adds up and costs you a lot of time. Find an online personal assistant who can handle your household correspondence so that you can focus solely on what needs to be done at work.

Toss the Laundry Basket

There's no debating the beauty of the smell of freshly washed clothes. Yet, doing your laundry is wasting hours out of your week, and your laundry routine is likely inefficient. Take your laundry to a dry cleaner such as American Cleaners. A dry cleaner will know how to remove stains and press your clothing to perfection. This way, you will always look fresh and crisp when you arrive for a critical meeting at work.

Forget About Grocery Shopping

Shopping for groceries is another one of those tasks that takes hours, and there is nothing more frustrating than rushing through it just to get stuck waiting in a long line. Skip the crowds by having your groceries delivered directly to your house, or set up a pick-up service at a nearby grocer.

Simplify Pet Grooming

Whether you bathe your pet at home or take them to a groomer, this is another complicated task on your to-do list that takes far too much time away from your schedule. Mobile groomers are a better solution, since they will come directly to your home and perform every aspect of your pet's grooming routine. The best part is that this is that it will also keep your pet comfortable, since they won't be exposed to the sounds and smells associated with going to an outside groomer.

Scaling down your daily routine opens up space for pursuing new opportunities. With menial chores such as laundry and grocery shopping out of the way, you can hone your focus to the areas at work in which you want to excel.

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