Hire a Commercial Cleaner Who Can Offer These Services for Your Business

When you run a business, hiring the right commercial cleaner is a key step toward making your office look presentable for your staff and customers alike. The average commercial cleaner can vacuum, empty your garbage cans, dust surfaces, and perform other such tasks at regular intervals, but it's useful to hire an office cleaning company that can handle other cleaning services, too. It's a good idea to discuss the following cleaning tasks with the service you're thinking of hiring so that there's no confusion about these things being successfully completed.

Removing Graffiti

Graffiti is a nightmare for business owners, as it can draw unwanted attention to your business and may even cause people to avoid entering your location. If you're hit by graffiti, you need a quick solution for getting rid of it, and that can come in the form of your cleaning service. Many commercial cleaning services also have the training and equipment to remove graffiti. For example, the cleaning crew might carry a high-powered pressure washer that they can connect to a water source to blast the graffiti right off your building, thus restoring the professional look of your workplace.

Kitchen Deep Cleaning

If your workplace has a kitchen area that your staff uses, it's probably dirtier than the rest of the office. Even in a partial kitchen that only has elements such as a microwave and toaster oven, you don't want this area looking or smelling dirty. Confirm with your cleaning service that the crew can conduct a regular deep cleaning of this room. You need more than just the floor vacuumed and the counter wiped. You'll also need the interior of the microwave and toaster oven cleaned out to remove food particles. Whether you have a full- of half-sized fridge, it can also get dirty over time. Make sure that the cleaning service can thoroughly clean the fridge to remove odors, too.

Ceiling Cleaning

You might not think about the ceiling of your office getting dirty, but, if you look above your head, you might not like what you see. Ceilings can get dirty from dust and grease particles that float through the air, as well as from leaky pipes in the ceiling. You'll want to hire a commercial cleaner that can take care of the ceiling regularly. This includes using specialty tools to remove dust and grime from the ceilings, as well as dealing with any major issues — such as water damage — as they arise.

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