Family Full Of Sniffles? 4 Ways To Manage Hidden Household Allergens

When allergy season seems to be hitting all year long, it is time to take a fresh look at the inside of your home. Pet dander, mold and other allergens often lurk on surfaces that are less visible in your home. As you get ready to tackle your housekeeping list, keep these areas in your mind that may be harboring hidden allergens that are making your family sick.

Clean the Carpets

Tile is often recommended for families that deal with allergies because allergens get ground deep into carpet fibers every time someone walks across the room. However, you can still enjoy the lush, soft feel of carpet on your toes by scheduling regular carpet cleaning surfaces. A professional, such as Wilson Carpet & Air Duct Cleaning, LLC, will have the right equipment for reaching deep into the pile to remove dander and dust.

Wash Your Curtains

Curtains become such a part of your décor that it is easy to overlook them during your cleaning routines. However, they tend to attract a lot of allergens due to the properties of fabric combined with being close to your windows. Slight drafts blow pollen and dust directly onto your curtains that then circulate through your home every time the curtains are opened and closed. Wash your curtains on a weekly basis if your family has a lot of allergies.

Look Up At the Air Ducts

The majority of people rarely think about their home's air ducts. Yet, air constantly circulates through the ducts, and some allergens are able to get past the filters. Over time, dust, bacteria and even rodent droppings can accumulate in your ducts. Then, these allergens are blasted through your air every time your HVAC system fires up. An air duct cleaning is the only way to clear out these allergens, and breathing fresh air makes a huge difference for anyone who is constantly sniffling.

Ditch the Potted Plants

People with allergies often used plants to help filter the air. While they do promote the release of oxygen, it is important to be aware that mold can build up in the dirt. If your family has mold allergies, consider repotting the plants regularly, or leave them outside altogether.

No one wants to think that their house is making them sick, yet hidden allergens are a common culprit behind a person's sneezing and wheezing. Fortunately, simple services such as carpet cleaning make it easy to reduce allergens in your home so that your family can breathe easy. 

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