Want To Get The Most When Selling Your Antique Furniture? Invest In Upholstery Cleaning Beforehand

Selling used items that you know you are no longer going to use is an excellent way to get some money back on your initial investment. Setting up a garage sale is an easy way to get rid of some possessions, but many shoppers are going to expect heavily discounted prices, so it may not be worth selling certain items that have legitimate value. If you have antique furniture to sell, you need to attract the right audience. Investing in upholstery cleaning before you list items for sale will help you sell pieces for a fair price.

Remove Noticeable Stains

The main thing that you will want professionals to take care of is removing any stains. The fabric on the furniture could be in outstanding condition, but a stain can put a huge dent in its overall value. It is possible to get cleaning for as little as $10 for a small piece of furniture such as a dining room chair or ottoman. Removing these stains will showcase the antique furniture as being well maintained. It will also help to make customers feel as if the piece they are interested in buying has noteworthy longevity.

Freshen Up the Smell

Although you can post a well-thought-out description with lots of photos, some buyers may be turned away if they come to look at the piece in person and find out that it has an undesirable scent. Sure, they could clean the antique furniture on their own, but they may also think that it will not go away. It is better to present your buyers with a piece of furniture that is ready to go home and be used immediately.

Present Better in Photos

The photos that you showcase in the listing will have a huge impact on an item's overall interest. On top of taking high-quality photos with a new smartphone or even a DSLR camera, you will benefit from upholstery cleaning that is able to remove any layers of dirt, dust, and grime that has built up. Also, instead of feeling like you only want to post photos of the furniture in angles that make it look clean, you can cover every single angle, which will help potential buyers feel confident about their purchase.

When you want to sell your antique furniture collection that is in great structural condition, you should get upholstery cleaning from a company like Atlantic Carpet Care beforehand to price it in a way that gives you maximum value.

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