3 Ways to Make Sure Your Office Gets Clean

Keeping your office clean is important for a lot of reasons. One is that it helps your business to put out a good first impression. No one wants to deal with a company that doesn't have enough pride in itself to keep its office clean. Other reasons include employee safety and client safety. Dirty offices can cause your employees or customers to fall over and get hurt. However, it can be difficult to keep your office =looking good and keep up on your work. There are options out there. 

Clean It Yourself

You can make it part of the job description that you and all your employees do the basic work to keep your office clean. That can mean doing things like employees policing their own areas to make sure they are clean, emptying their trash bags, and wiping down the break room or kitchen. If you do this, you may face some pushback from your employees because they want to do their work and not have to worry about cleaning the office. 

Hire a Cleaning Person

Another option is to hire a cleaning person. That person would do all the basic cleaning as well as making sure that your bathrooms are cleaned, your floors are mopped or vacuumed, and the office looks good. If you hire a cleaning person, then you may still ask your employees to do things like make sure that their areas are still tidy because that makes less work for the cleaning person. Letting your employees clean their area also means that the cleaning person isn't going to mess up their projects or their work. 

Hire a Cleaning Service

There is a difference between hiring a cleaning service such as Crystal Clear Cleaning and hiring a cleaning person. When you hire a cleaning person, they are your employee. You are paying for their salary as well as their benefits. However, when you hire a cleaning service, you aren't hiring an individual; they aren't your employee. You are paying the service for the work, and the service pays for the cleaners' benefits. The cleaners can come into your office however many days a week that you want and clean. The nice thing about hiring a cleaning service is that they can more easily do the heavy cleaning, like cleaning the carpets or stripping and waxing the floors. 

If you have a company, you want to make sure that your office helps you to put your best foot forward. Having a clean office is one way to do that. 

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