Going On Vacation? Have A House Cleaner Do These Jobs Before You Get Back

It's exciting to get packed up and leave for a vacation, but it's disheartening to come home and see that you've left your house a mess. Taking extra time to clean up as you're getting ready for your trip might not always be possible, but a viable solution is to hire a home cleaning service to visit your home while you're away and ensure that it sparkles when you walk in the front door after your vacation. Here are some specific things that you'll want to ask the cleaning service about doing to help you.

Taking Care Of The Kitchen

When many people leave for a vacation, their kitchen is in shambles. Given that you don't want to come home to a smelly mess, your house cleaner can do a number of jobs in the kitchen. For example, he or she can take care of washing any dishes that were left behind in the sink or scattered on the counter as you and your family rushed off to the airport. The cleaner can also run a dishwasher cycle and put the dishes away to the best of his or her ability. Other tasks include emptying the garbage and recycling bins to that your kitchen doesn't stink when you arrive home.

Doing Some Loads Of Laundry

You'll have to do a lot of laundry when you get home from your vacation, so it's nice if your clothing hampers are empty once you walk in the door. Your cleaner can sort your dirty laundry into white and dark loads and get them washed and dried for you, leaving the clean clothing neatly piled in laundry baskets on the floor of the laundry room. He or she could also take care of the bedding and the towels so that everything will feel fresh when you get back home, which will feel comforting and familiar after time in a hotel.

General Straightening Up

If you commonly leave for vacation in a whirlwind, you could likely afford to task your house cleaner with generally straightening up your home. There are a number of different tasks that can be completed. For example, your children's rooms could likely be put into order, as they might have toys, clothing and other things strewn around. If you and your family members were scurrying around the house with your shoes on before leaving, the cleaner can do a thorough vacuuming job and scrub the hardwood or tiles, too.

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