How to Get Your Mattress Clean

Your mattress is one of the easiest places in your house to overlook when you are cleaning things up. However, it is probably one of the most important things to clean in your house based on how much time you spend in your bed every day. Here are a few tips on how to effectively clean your mattress.

#1 Vacuum off the Dust

The first thing you need to do is remove the dust mites that accumulate on your mattress over time. The best way to get rid of dust mites it to put the upholstery attachment and/or crevice tool onto your vacuum cleaner. Then, take your vacuum cleaner and run it it over your mattress, starting at the top, then working to the sides of your mattress before flipping it over and getting the other side. 

Go over your entire mattress a couple of times to ensure that you have effectively removed all the dust mites that may be hanging out on your mattress. 

#2 Kill Germs with a Steam Cleaner

The second thing you need to do is use a hand-held steam cleaner to get rid of all the germs that hide inside of your mattress. Take your hand-held steamer and start by cleaning the side of your mattress that you sleep on. Then, work on the sides before flipping over the mattress and working on the backside. You are going to follow the same process that you did while vacuuming your mattress.

The heat from the steam will kill the bacteria inside of your mattress. You may want to make a few passes with your steam cleaner to ensure that all the bacteria inside of your mattress is killed.

#3 Wipe Down the Surface

Finally, you are going to want to dilute an antibacterial spray with warm water. Then, take a rag and dip it into the antibacterial solution. The rag should be just a little damp; it should not be soaking wet. 

Take the rag and run it over the entire surface of your mattress. This should help clean your mattress and neutralize any other bacteria that is still on the surface.

It is a good idea to repeat this process every few months in order to keep your mattress as clean as possible. Bacteria and dust mites, no matter how often you wash your sheets, can get into your mattress, which is why you need to make cleaning your mattress a priority. Talk to a company like Hy Gieni Tech that specializes in mattress sanitizing for more tips.

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