How To Clean Christmas Tree Sap From Carpet

If you notice tree sap after removing your live Christmas tree, don't replace the carpet. Tree sap has properties similar to glue or gum when it dries. It is possible to remove the tree sap stain, but you must act quickly. Here are tips to remove tree sap stains from carpets.

Try Dish Soap

For this project, you need:

  • several white cloths
  • dish washing liquid
  • rubbing alcohol
  • mayonnaise
  • plastic wrap
  • dry cleaning fluid
  • butter knife

Soak a cloth in warm water, and lay it over the stain. Leave the paper towel on the stain for about an hour. Clean loose sap particles by hand, and scrape large pieces with a butter knife.

Mix a tablespoon of dish soap and two cups of cool water. Test a hidden area of the carpet first to test the effectiveness.

Squirt some of the mixture on a clean, white cloth, and blot the stain. Rubbing will only spread the stain further in the carpet.

Keep blotting until the stain has disappeared. Rinse the dish soap with a moist clean cloth, then dry the area with another cloth.

Apply Rubbing Alcohol

Dab some rubbing alcohol or hand sanitizer on a cloth, and test an area of carpet, since it could dye the carpet. Gently blot the stain; changing cloths as needed.

The alcohol changes the thickness of the sap, so it is easier to remove. If the sap is deeply embedded in the carpet, use your fingers to work the alcohol in the fibers. Clean the loosened sap particles with a fresh cloth.

Remove the Stain with Ice or Mayonnaise

Ice takes a little longer , but it can remove the sap. Lay the ice on the stain, and let it stand until the sap hardens. Scrape the sap off using the butter knife. A can of CO2 works in the same manner.

Apply a thick layer of mayonnaise with a knife. Cover the area in plastic wrap. Leave the material in place, then work the mayonnaise in the carpet using your fingers. Use a cloth and dish detergent to rinse.

Clean with Dry Cleaning Fluid

Moisten a cloth with dry cleaning fluid, and dab some an obscure area of carpet to test reaction. Gently blot the area. Scrape the sap, and blot again with a damp cloth to rinse. Let the area dry.

Your carpet should look new again. If the stain still won't come off, contact a professional cleaning service like Deep Cleaning.

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